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July 20, 2013
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HMLS: Agneta Bergstrom by RukaVermillion15 HMLS: Agneta Bergstrom by RukaVermillion15
OC for :iconhmls:

Thank you for inviting me ;u;/...

--- ---- ----- ---- ---

Name: Agneta Bergstrom

Nickname: Agneta

Age: 18

Position: Viciu of area X, Sweden

Magus Tattoo Location : Right chest

Your Real Life Job: Dancer

Gender: Female

Weapon: Short sword [sometimes coated with ice element to sharpen the sword -from ice cicle skill-]

#Agile: Good at close combat
#Ice cicle: Using water around her to use this skill
#Bind: Partially freeze the opponent's body for prevents opponent from moving for 20 seconds, water needed to activate this skill
#Mind reader: Only can get some of people memories to read by touching their part of body

     Since her parents died when she was 3 years old, Agneta taken care by her grandfather with great affection. Her grandfather knew her is a Magus when Agneta 5-year-old, she accidentally freeze water when she angry. Since that day her grandfather was trying to protect Agneta, strictly prohibited Agneta out except her grandfather alongside her, and she is also prohibited to freeze the water again or something similar. Agneta had no objection to the request of her grandfather, but she herself did not understand why she could freeze the water. Her grandfather did not explain anything about her as a magus, sometimes made her wonder why her grandfather always forbade her out and get along with others, but Agneta not want to ask. Her grandfather gave her a short sword and taught Agneta some sword techniques. Her grandfather also taught her to always be a strong person, always smiling and would not cry in front of the opponent, making Agneta has a formidable personality.

     Agneta secretly often to try and explore her magic. Agneta had accidentally touched the arm of her grandfather and get some memory about her parents, she was a little excited to read people's minds, but feel a little scared because she saw something that does not liked to be seen. When Agneta 17 years old, she was finally given the freedom by her grandfather to go out of the house without being followed. Agneta was happy that her grandfather believed that she could protect herself. One time after Agneta back from shopping, she found her grandfather lying dead in the doorway with blood scattered everywhere. Agneta walked into the house, then she took her sword and went out looking for the killer. She traces the blood trail by the killer shoes and finally found some people who were laughing while holding a bloodied sword. Agneta without thinking attack them blindly. Agneta kills one of them and let the others go, she used her magic to sharpen her sword.

     Rain came down, Nikolaus who was passing by saw the entire fight. Nikolaus asked Agneta to join him as his Viciu, Agneta only silent because she did not understand what was being said by Nikolaus. He invites Agneta into the shade and told her everything about the Magus, he also told her to rest assure because he will do something about this murder case and will clear up the problem. Agneta believe Nikolaus telling the truth and asked if Nikolaus is a strong person. Nikolaus just nodded and smiled. Agneta finally accepted the offer and dedicated herself to protect Nikolaus as his viciu, since she didn't know what to do anymore. 

#Frank person, she will tell people what she think about them
#Cheerful, always smile, but you can't tell the reason behind her smile
#She can't easily trust people
#Like to pick a fight with people, only to test her strength
#Easily jealous with a little matter, but never want to admit it

#Height: 168 cm, weight: 50 kg
#She loves cat
#She loves her hair dearly, because her grandfather always say that her hair is pretty
#She is good at houseworks
#She has a motto "My highest priority is the safety of my allies", she doesn't care herself dying as long as her allies are safe
#She really likes to see men with abs :rofl:
#She just want to be commanded by people who she considered stronger than her fight with her first :iconheplz:
#She's a little bit sensitive if somebody talk about breast size in front of her, she will be seriously hurt :iconheplz:

-will add more later-

Relationship: -add later-

Quote: "Human's heart is the scariest place I've ever visited"

Too much melodrama up there TTuTTlll.. Sorry for my bad english Orz
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HMLS is still closed for a not certain time, juts watch the group if you want to know some update from there ^^
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